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Nallda Oil & Gas is a supplier and distributor of various chemicals, goods, and services in the Middle East. Nallda Oil & Gas distributes various chemicals, raw materials and finished products, for use in the industrial, oil and gas, drilling, production, and refining markets. We offer a comprehensive selection of core and specialty chemicals for many industries and our customers love to work with us because we add value to their businesses by providing reliable products and services.

Our Products

Please explore our expansive range of industrial chemicals for general and specific applications.


Require a distribution partner? Nallda would love to join hands with you.

Nallda disseminates its expertise worldwide to chemical distributors who wish to collaborate with our zealous management and sales team in effortlessly delivering your products to the appropriate market right from the distribution campaign till the delivery.

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Tower 1 Buheirah Corniche, Sharjah, U.A.E, P.O Box: 52022
(+971 6) 526-1085